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Lamont announces update to Connecticut’s small, minority business program

A new law and a definition change will allow small and minority-owned businesses in Connecticut to take advantage of state and federal programs, the governor announced.

In a news release, Gov. Ned Lamont said a law he signed this summer that took effect Oct. 1 changes the definition of small business enterprises to now meet federal guidelines. This change, the governor said, will allow businesses to use the Federal System for Awards Management System to do business with both the state and federal government.

“Connecticut is a great place to do business, and we continue to take steps to make it easier for our small and minority owned businesses to work with the state, and grow and thrive here,” Lamont said in the release. “Our hope is that every small step we take can help build opportunities for more residents and entrepreneurs. My message today is simple – join us and participate in this program. We know that the bigger the bench of experienced businesses we have to collaborate with, the more successful we can be in serving our residents.”

Public Act 21-76 was signed into law on June 28 and eliminates any confusion in the definition of a small business enterprise to conform to federal guidelines, according to the release, which are based on industry-specific size standards instead of a single standard.

The Small Business Administration of Connecticut championed the move, tweeting “Small businesses are expanding and contributing to our economy at every level.”

Lamont said the change will enhance opportunities for those businesses to work with the state, but also provide more exposure to federal opportunities.

“We have been taking a significant number of steps to make sure it’s as easy as possible to do business with the state and that we have qualified, diverse contractors with which to work,” said Connecticut Department of Administrative Services Commissioner and Chief Operating Officer Josh Geballe in the release. “This step forward will help eliminate barriers, unnecessary paperwork, and confusion surrounding the small and minority owned business program, and ultimately create more opportunities for Connecticut’s businesses.”

Lamont, according to the release, is encouraging all small businesses to register with the Federal Systems for Awards Management System,, to become certified and registered with the system.

According to the release, the state currently has 2,457 small business certified in the program, including 1,367 minority-owned certified businesses.

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