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Illinois’ record high gas prices could go higher

Motor fuel prices in Illinois have reached new record highs. With average gas prices currently over $1.70 more than last year, one expert says the price could continue to fluctuate.

Illinois gas prices have steadily climbed month by month, with last month seeing a 60-cent increase in the average cost of a gallon of regular gas. These high costs have forced many residents to pay more at the pump.

On top of the state’s high fuel prices, Illinois has the third-highest gas tax in the nation behind only Pennsylvania and California.

Molly Hart of AAA said that currently, Illinois is one of the most expensive states when it comes to filling up.

“What we have experienced over the course of the last couple of weeks regarding the high gas prices in Illinois puts the state in the top ten for most expensive states to fill up in,” Hart said.

Illinois fuel prices are at their highest mark ever with gas prices averaging $4.91 per gallon throughout the state. The average price at this time last year was $3.24.

“We do anticipate that the gas prices will continue to fluctuate over the summer and probably over the course of the rest of the year,” Hart said. “Honestly, we are not sure of when we will start to see them retreat.”

Gov. J.B. Pritzker has launched a $30 million tourism campaign that he hopes will bring more visitors to Illinois. Hart said that with fuel prices in Illinois as high as they are, people are having to make some changes.

“People are having to budget differently,” Hart said. “They know that they now need to budget gas much more into what they are going to do if they are taking a road trip. That could mean having to stay in a less expensive hotel.”

Even with the high prices, Hart and AAA expect to see travelers reach pre-pandemic levels for this upcoming Memorial Day weekend.

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